WOW. Where do I begin on how AMAZING Bree and Emily are.. It's hard to really put into words how much I appreciate Bree.

- Sarah T, Bride


I am completely a scatter brain, without Bree my wedding would have been a hot mess. From the first consultation phone call I fell in love with her. She has an extremely sweet demeanor, and you feel instantly comfortable with everything. She has a way of just understanding you. During the whole process, she was clear, organized, always a phone call away and understanding. She sends you things in a timely matter and lets you know what you need to get done at what point. There's a lot of things I look back at now and think "why didn't I just listen to Bree in the first place" She knows what she's talking about, even if you think you know better, TRUST ME. And don't let that sweet demeanor fool you.. If you don't like something/someone from another vendor.. Bree's on top of it. I never heard what the conversation looked like, but lets just say "everything was taken care of" Even on the wedding day, everything she asked of me that I forgot she took care of. With dealing with me, and my in laws, she was calm, cool, collected and always one text away. If you don't hire I love you more events, your wedding wont be as magical as you imagined. She brought everything together. I will never forget Bree and Emily, they are forever engraved in my heart.

Bree is one of the most genuine, caring, conscientious, organized people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

- Laurie, Mother-of-the-Bride

When my daughter told me she wanted to hire a wedding planner, I questioned whether or not we needed one. Well, my daughter's beautiful wedding was two weeks ago, and I cannot begin to imagine that day without Bree. Bree is one of the most genuine, caring, conscientious, organized people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Bree took such good care of my daughter for the months leading up to the wedding that I was confident that the wedding day itself would be perfect. It was! Bree handled so much behind the scenes with all of our vendors that I was truly able to enjoy the event. I remember passing by my daughter's room in the late evening (we were all staying at the hotel), and I saw Bree in the room with hotel staff tidying up and making sure that the suite was ready for the newlyweds to come back to after they partied the night away. It made me emotional to know that my little girl was being taken care of so wonderfully. When I think back to asking my daughter about whether we needed a planner, I know now that what we needed was Bree. I adore Bree, and will always be grateful to her for being there for us.

Bree and her team at I Love You More Events was the glue that held our wedding together.

- Julie B., Bride

The second we met Bree, we knew she was the one for us. She was incredibly sweet, smart, and very knowledgeable about the industry. Every recommendation for other vendors was perfect and spot on and because of Bree’s guidance, our wedding could have not been any more perfect. One thing to mention about Bree is her INCREDIBLE organization skills and attention to detail. She was on top of everything and made us feel so calm about planning a wedding with so many moving pieces. She was always available to answer any questions and provide support and our motto throughout the entire planning process was “In Bree We Trust.” She’s down to earth, practical, and took every challenge head on with a smile on her face. Overall, she was the perfect wedding planner. The day of the wedding, Bree and her team did not disappoint. Even at EIGHT months pregnant, she went above and beyond. My husband and I had the best day and not a care in the world due to Bree. It was just the most beautiful day. It’s worth mentioning that her team is incredible as well. Special shoutout to Emily who dove under my dress to help with a bustling issue! She was great! All in all, if you want to have a flawless wedding and an even more flawless planning process, go with Bree and I Love You More Events. In Bree We Trust!

Bree from ILYME was an absolute dream to work with! She is so kind, calm, helpful and organized.

- Stephanie P., Bride

I have two younger sisters, and both of them said they want her to plan their weddings when the time comes, which speaks volumes. Our wedding day was perfect, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat! I cannot thank her enough! One of the first decisions we made was to hire Bree, and it was the best decision we made in the entire wedding planning process! From day one, she was with us every step of the way to ensure we stayed on track. We live in San Francisco and were planning our wedding in my hometown of San Diego, and Bree could not have been more helpful in recommending and assembling a team of vendors to help make our vision come to life! She was extremely helpful at all of our tastings, walk-throughs and rehearsal in asking questions we did not think of. She is also very responsive, and every time I had a question or concern, she made me feel more at ease with her positivity and extensive wedding planning experience. Thanks to Bree, the wedding planning process was not stressful at all – I had tons of fun brainstorming with her about how to make our wedding beautiful and special. My wedding day was the best day of my entire life – not a single thing went wrong (even though everyone told me something would), and I attribute that entirely to Bree. I remember waking up in the morning feeling calm and excited, knowing that Bree and her team would be there to ensure the day ran smoothly, and it did! Her assistant, Emily, was also amazing and such a pleasure to work with! I cannot say enough good things about Bree and the ILYME team! I highly recommend her and look forward to seeing all of the amazing things she will accomplish in the future! Thank you for everything Bree – we adore you!

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